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Image of three men training at ju-jitsu

Frequently Asked Questions

When do you train?

The club trains every Tuesday & Thursday from 8pm - 9.30pm. 

How often should I attend ju-jitsu classes?

It is ideal to attend all 3 hours of training each week. This is especially important when initially joining because there is a learning curve to climb.

What will I wear?

We train in judo-style/BJJ gi's, which you can borrow from us initially. We have a variety of sizes that you can borrow. Most of our members purchase a gi upon starting or after a couple of months. Cimac offer affordable judo-style gi's at a discounted price in store to club members. Alternatively, companies like Tatami and Progress are good quality and affordable.

We recommend wearing a T-shirt, a long-sleeved or a sports/gym-style top underneath your gi jacket. All jewellery and piercings must be removed before stepping onto the mat. If you have any questions regarding what to train in, please feel free to contact us via social media or email. 

When can I start?

At the end of each month we run an induction day, where we welcome 8 new members to the club to try out their first session for free of cost. These usually run on the last Tuesday or Thursday of the month, except in November and December where we do not run induction classes. You can book onto an induction class here.

The hardest part of starting is to walk through the doors of the dojo. We promise to make you feel welcomed and safe once you have taken that step.

How much does it cost to train?

Your first session is always complimentary. We offer two payment options - pay-as-you-go at £6 per session or a monthly fee of £25. Choose the option that works best for you.

Do I need insurance?

All students are required to have valid membership to the BJJA GB, which includes 3rd party indemnity insurance. This insurance protects the student if a claim is made against them for an injury caused by them. Insurance costs £25 per year.

How regularly will I be able to grade?

Gradings will occur according to your progression and level of skill.  There is no set schedule during the year as it is a merit based system. As a general guide, it is expected to grade every 3-6 months throughout the lower belts. Time between gradings generally increases the higher the belt.


Is private instruction offered? 

Unfortunately, we do not currently offer one to one training or private sessions, however all of our certified instructors are available during the sessions and provide equal opportunity for support and advice to all members. 


Will there be opportunity for me to compete and attend tournaments?

We are able to submit our members to compete.

What is the age range at the club?

Our club is for those over 16. We do make exceptions on a case by case basis. Our members range from 18 to over 50. We are proud to have a diverse range of ages that practice at our club so please do not be hesitant to attend due to age. 


Is the club mixed gender?

Yes, there are a significant number of women who train regularly at our club, across a range of levels.
Ju-jitsu is a martial art that is suitable for people of any body shape or size, and we welcome practitioners of all genders to join us on the mat.

Is there parking available on site?

Yes, there are two car parks near to Bishop Challoner Sports Centre- one directly next to it, and one across the road. Both require the RingGo app, or payment by card. Unfortunately, cash payments are not accepted. There are additional car parks and roads to park on in Kings Heath.

Got any more questions?


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