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Explore Bishop Challoner Ju-jitsu Club

Two men laughing at ju-jitsu whilst applying arm locks
Welcome to the club!

Welcome to Bishop Challoner Ju-jitsu Club, where we focus on the art of self-defense, physical fitness, and personal growth!


Bishop Challoner Ju-jitsu Club is located in the heart of Birmingham, and reflects the vibrant energy of the area. 

Our history

Bishop Challoner Ju-Jitsu Club was established in the early 1990s by Sensei Phil Hudson.


Initially, it operated out of a large porta cabin located in the school playground and was affiliated with Goshin Ju-jitsu Wales & UK, under the late Sensei Billy Doak. However, in 2006, the club made the decision to switch its affiliation to the British Ju-jitsu Association GB, the governing body for our martial art in the UK.


Around this time, Phil decided to focus on coaching the judo club, and the reins of the
Ju-jitsu club were passed on to Paul Bishop, Richard Doughty, and Brett Stephens, all of whom had been instructed by Phil for over a decade.

Despite the unexpected changes in the coaching staff, Richard has stepped up to take on the role of sole instructor and club manager with enthusiasm and dedication. While we will miss Paul and Brett, we are confident that Richard's leadership will ensure the continued success of the club.

One man throwing another man in ju-jitsu class

Our story so far

Over the past 25-30 years, the club has benefited hundreds of people in the local community, with many progressing from novice to Dan grades.

Despite the challenges posed by the forced closure due to COVID-19 lockdown regulations, the future of the club looks promising. Since reopening, the club has seen a surge in new members, including the highest number of female students in its history, who regularly participate in training sessions.


Bishop Challoner Ju-Jitsu Club continues to thrive, fostering a sense of community, friendship, and skill development among its members.

Two girls laughing at ju-jitsu class

Our mission and values

21st century education carries with it a mix of new challenges and promising tools. Our Ju-jitsu school offers a flexible program, innovative techniques and fresh methodologies. At the core of our mission, lies our commitment to providing an engaging, respectful and rewarding learning environment.


This approach, together with our top quality instructors, makes Bishop ChallonerJu-jitsu Club one of the best clubs in Birmingham.

Get in touch via email or social media to schedule a free trial class.

Three men at ju-jitsu class, whilst one demonstrates a throw on one man to the other

Our Ju-jitsu style

Discover the ancient Japanese martial art of Ju-jitsu, the parent of many modern forms like Karate, Aikido, and Judo. With its focus on self-defense, Ju-jitsu is suitable for people of all shapes, sizes, and genders. Unlike competitive sports like Judo or Taekwondo, Ju-jitsu offers a grading system that allows you to progress at your own pace.

Perfect your technique as you defend against a variety of attacks, including kicks, punches, strangles, and more, in various environments such as standing, in close quarters, and against multiple opponents.


Join the journey to empower yourself with the skills of Ju-jitsu and learn to defend yourself in real-life scenarios!

Two men at ju-jitsu club practicing knife defence

Our technique

At Bishop Challoner Jujitsu Club, our ultimate goal is to empower you with the skills for self-defense.


Our classes are designed to provide a strong foundation, starting from the basics and building up from there. With the guidance of our experienced head coach, you'll receive personalized instruction and feedback during each class.


Whether you need help improving your technique or correcting mistakes, our coaches will lead and assist you in a supportive and encouraging environment.

A man demonstrating a wrist lock on a woman, for another woman in ju-jitsu class

Our facilities

Bishop Challoner Ju-jitsu Club has access to top-notch martial arts training facilities. We train in a state-of-the-art dojo with a full-sprung, Olympic-sized mat with plenty of space to comfortably accommodate up to around 20 people. 


Our facility is equipped with separate male and female toilets and changing rooms, complete with showers for your convenience.


Enjoy the added bonus of convenient parking right next to the dojo for a smooth arrival and departure. Parking requires the RingGo app or payment by card. Unfortunately, cash payments are not accepted. 

Two men sparring in groundwork at ju-jitsu whilst another man watches in ju-jitsu class
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